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Art is the freedom to create

Art is the

freedom to


Wear your freedom


What you need to know

My passion was always in being a great artist. In turn, 10 years working in this industry has taught me a lot about not just tattooing, but how important the relationship with my clients are. Approaching an artist can be intimidating sometimes, but I try my best to make you feel comfortable and hear out any questions or ideas you have. That said, I am not the artist for everyone, and I might not be a fit for you. That's 100% ok!! 

The most important factor in getting A tattoo is finding that right artist FOR YOU.


Appointments only


All appointments are scheduled through email ( To secure Appointments, you must pay a booking fee that is specified for the day chosen. If a fee is not paid, an appointment has not been secured! All dates are first come first served. if you have any questions, the best way to contact me directly is also through email, in which I will respond as soon as possible, or every Friday.


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